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Pondering Skies - Episode Zero

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Welcome to Pondering Skies, a podcast about those who are working in, thinking about, and doing sustainability – in whatever form that takes.

What does ‘sustainability’ really mean? Finding out is partly what this show is about. Doing the deep dive with each guest, I try to come at the concept from various perspectives. How the term is used by a corporation or an institution isn't necessarily the way my neighbor or a community activist might use it. There are many flavors of and motivations for sustainability.

In this podcast, I'll take a broad view of the term, as we hear from educators, activists, community organizers, artists, scientists, designers, journalists, and more on what it means to them, and how they - and we - play a part in it.

We now take a moment during this brief introduction to appreciate some beautiful sky over Banner Elk, North Carolina ...

I feel better already. Don't you?

A little bit about me: I am a writer, a lover of nature, a weather nerd, and I am fascinated with our relationship to our built and natural environments. I worry about what I put in the trash. I'm concerned about the quality of the water we drink and the air we breathe. And I get depressed every time I see a tree downed by either natural or manmade causes. I fret about climate change and am always on the lookout for how it manifests itself in our world. The endless supply of stuff on retail outlet shelves makes me feel overwhelmed. I think there is way, way too much plastic in our lives. And all the pesticides, perfect lawns, and leaf blowers – it's enough to make a grown man insane. And I think we need to talk more about environmental justice.

But I love interviewing people...connecting the dots, especially where those connections may not seem obvious at first. Despite the dread, there is much beauty and magic in the world, and within people, if you look. And if you let it show. We're looking for glimmers of that shine here in this podcast. We can collectively do so much better, and we have the tools, the knowledge, and the passion to do it.

I want to learn all I can about sustainability, and how people are thinking about it and doing things within it – through their careers, their mindsets, and their approaches to life. Especially considering the urgent contexts of climate change and pandemics, thinking about sustainability is as important and necessary as ever.

Putting all of that together resulted in this new podcast.

I invite and encourage all of the guests on this show to introduce some good vibes and actionable change in our lives. If nothing else, there will surely be good food for thought to go around. Or as I like to say, some serious pondering.

I hope that you give my show a listen, and stay tuned for upcoming episodes as try to cast a wide range of voices, experiences, approaches, and minds.



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