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Pondering Skies - Episode 2 - A Journey of Stewardship

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In this episode, we visit with Laine Roberts, Water Resources Public Education Coordinator with the City of Greensboro, North Carolina. At the time of recording, Laine was in the process of transitioning out of her city role as the Waste Reduction and Recycling Educator.

Laine talks to us about her journey to being an outreach and education advocate for the environment, with a particular focus on water resources management and waste reduction. She gives some insight into how working as the 'middle' person between local government, industry, and community members poses interesting opportunities and challenges. And as Laine clearly illustrates, being a steward of the environment is not just a job, it's an outlook and way of life.

About This Podcast

This show explores how the themes of nature, weather, climate, and environment interrelate. Visit the accompanying blog at www.ponderingskies.org

Laine with a wreath made from found single-use waste items that are unfortunately typical of our daily lived environment.
Laine compares the pros and cons of deodorant packaged in plastic (left), which is not recyclable vs. paper and glass (right). Paper is recyclable and glass can be returned to company or recycled.

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Photos courtesy of Lindsay Kappius


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